Talkh va Shirin Duble – Part 13

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Talkh Va Shirin Doble Farsi Turkish Series

Talkh va Shirin Turkish Series Info & Photos

Aroose Tariki – Part 3

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Aroose Tariki Persian Series

Jong Miong – Part 34

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Jong Miong Korean Series

Aroose Istanbuli Duble – Part 279

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Aroose Istanbuli Duble Turkish Series

Aroose Istanbuli Duble Series Info Summary of Aroose Istanbuli (Bride of Istanbul) Faruk is the owner of a bus company and the leader of a powerful family in Bursa which is a metro-pol in Turkey. Faruk meets a violinist girl and falls in love with her. But the dominant mother of Faruk isn’t happy with… Read more »

Gando – Part 10

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Gando Persian Series

JazroMad (Duble Farsi) – Part 148

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Jazromad Turkish Series Doble Farsi

JazroMad Series Info JazroMad Turkish (Duble) Series Summary Yaman, who is living in Istanbul, unfortunately has bad influences from his older brother. He wanted to be a good student but because of his brother, he ended up getting arrested for stealing a car from a gas station. With once a promising future, he has now… Read more »

Dokhtaram – Duble Farsi – Part 57

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Dokhtaram Doble Farsi Turkish Series

Dokhtaram (My Daughter) Series Info & Photos Dokhtaram Turkish Series Summary Öykü is a wonderful little eight year old girl, who is caring and loving. However, no matter how special she is, it doesn’t stop her from getting abandoned by everyone she loves. When her aunt, who had raised her since birth, abandoned her, she… Read more »